Feedback channels

This project wants to have its presence on more channels than on GitHub but, for now, we only use the GitHub repo page for assistance.

Github issues

Github issues should be used for bugs and feature requests. How to submit good bugs and feature requests is described in How to Contribute.


We don’t want to use Github Issues for general ‘how-to’ questions about dbcollection. Instead, these general ‘how-to’ questions may/will be redirected to Stack Overflow.


We have a Gitter chat! If you prefer interacting with other for asking questions about your issues via a chat room, then you are more than welcome to join us in our gitter room and ask any questions you like. Remember to always be polite with others and help out if you can.


Don’t post huge blobs of code on the chat. If you need to, create a gist with the code sample and share the link instead.