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Download API class.

from __future__ import print_function
import os

from dbcollection.core.manager import CacheManager

from .metadata import MetadataConstructor

[docs]def download(name, data_dir='', extract_data=True, verbose=True): """Download a dataset data to disk. This method will download a dataset's data files to disk. After download, it updates the cache file with the dataset's name and path where the data is stored. Parameters ---------- name : str Name of the dataset. data_dir : str, optional Directory path to store the downloaded data. extract_data : bool, optional Extracts/unpacks the data files (if true). verbose : bool, optional Displays text information (if true). Examples -------- Download the CIFAR10 dataset to disk. >>> import dbcollection as dbc >>>'cifar10') """ assert name, 'Must input a valid dataset name: {}'.format(name) downloader = DownloadAPI(name=name, data_dir=data_dir, extract_data=extract_data, verbose=verbose)
[docs]class DownloadAPI(object): """Dataset download API class. This class contains methods to correctly download a dataset's data files to disk. Parameters ---------- name : str Name of the dataset. data_dir : str Directory path to store the downloaded data. extract_data : bool Extracts/unpacks the data files (if true). verbose : bool Displays text information (if true). Attributes ---------- name : str Name of the dataset. data_dir : str Directory path to store the downloaded data. save_data_dir : str Data files save dir path. save_cache_dir : str Cache save dir path. extract_data : bool Flag to extract data (if True). verbose : bool Flag to display text information (if true). cache_manager : CacheManager Cache manager object. """ def __init__(self, name, data_dir, extract_data, verbose): """Initialize class.""" assert isinstance(name, str), 'Must input a valid dataset name.' assert isinstance(data_dir, str), 'Must input a valid directory.' assert isinstance(extract_data, bool), "Must input a valid boolean for extract_data." assert isinstance(verbose, bool), "Must input a valid boolean for verbose." = name self.data_dir = data_dir self.extract_data = extract_data self.verbose = verbose self.cache_manager = self.get_cache_manager() def get_cache_manager(self): return CacheManager()
[docs] def run(self): """Main method.""" if not self.exists_dataset_in_cache(): if self.verbose: print('==> Download {} data to disk...'.format( self.download_dataset() if self.verbose: print('==> Dataset download complete.') self.update_cache() if self.verbose: print('==> Updating the cache manager')
def exists_dataset_in_cache(self): return self.cache_manager.dataset.exists(
[docs] def download_dataset(self): """Download the dataset to disk.""" data_dir = self.get_download_data_dir() cache_dir = self.get_download_cache_dir() self.download_dataset_files(data_dir, cache_dir)
def get_dataset_constructor(self): db_metadata = self.get_dataset_metadata_obj( constructor = db_metadata.get_constructor() return constructor def get_dataset_metadata_obj(self, name): return MetadataConstructor(name) def get_download_data_dir(self): if self.data_dir: data_dir = self.data_dir else: data_dir = self.get_download_data_dir_from_cache() if not == os.path.basename(data_dir): data_dir = os.path.join(data_dir, return data_dir
[docs] def get_download_data_dir_from_cache(self): """Create a dir path from the cache information for this dataset.""" download_dir = self.get_cache_download_dir_path() save_data_dir = os.path.join(download_dir, self.create_dir(save_data_dir) return save_data_dir
def get_cache_download_dir_path(self): return self.cache_manager.manager.download_dir
[docs] def create_dir(self, path): """Create a directory in the disk.""" if not os.path.exists(path): if self.verbose: print('Creating save directory in disk: {}'.format(path)) os.makedirs(path)
def get_download_cache_dir(self): cache_dir = self.get_cache_dir() cache_save_path = os.path.join(cache_dir, self.create_dir(cache_save_path) return cache_save_path def get_cache_dir(self): return self.cache_manager.manager.cache_dir def download_dataset_files(self, data_dir, cache_dir): constructor = self.get_dataset_constructor() db = constructor(data_path=data_dir, cache_path=cache_dir, extract_data=self.extract_data, verbose=self.verbose)
[docs] def update_cache(self): """Update the cache manager information for this dataset.""" data_dir = self.get_download_data_dir() if self.exists_dataset_in_cache(): self.update_dataset_info_in_cache(data_dir) else: self.add_dataset_info_to_cache(data_dir)
def update_dataset_info_in_cache(self, data_dir): self.cache_manager.dataset.update(, data_dir=data_dir) def add_dataset_info_to_cache(self, data_dir): self.cache_manager.dataset.add(, data_dir=data_dir, tasks={})